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It has never been harder to find the route to business success.

  • Volatile markets and new technologies are raising customer expectations and making it easier for new competitors to arise and for market dynamics to change with little warning.
  • To stay successful it is vital to develop real competitive advantages, identify profitable customers and establish effective routes to market.
  • It is not often easy to recognise what really drives profit, to identify strategic assets and capabilities, and to focus resources on what delivers most value.

Waymark Consulting is committed to helping businesses secure and improve short-term and longer-term returns, by identifying and implementing both effective business strategies and strategy-related profit improvements.

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When did you last see your strategy? Finding the best way forward "When did you last see your strategy?”

"Finding the best way forward”

These articles from Waymark Consulting in the Winter 2010/11 and Summer 2011 issues of the quarterly newsletter of APCIMS (The Association of Private Client Investment Managers & Stockbrokers) consider whether businesses have strong enough strategic foundations and describe the building blocks of strategy development, using stockbrokers as an example.

“Many thanks for the work you have undertaken. We found your overall approach and presentation to be of a very high standard. This review has helped us highlight what we are doing well and what we are not. It has created a model for the future and a lot of extremely useful pointers. It was good to be 'challenged' from a third party looking at our business from the outside.”
                         - Home cinema retail business

Shere Marketing Business Consulting

Waymark Consulting works in full
partnership with Shere Marketing.

This means that as well as research, market analysis and business strategy consulting, we can also offer Shere Marketing Business Consulting clients the full range of strategic and tactical marketing services - placing us in a great position to help businesses both find and implement the best business strategies and ensure that their marketing strategies and activities are aligned and effective.