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Case Studies

  • Conducted an end-to-end research, analysis and strategy development project for a software development company, including business performance analysis, market and competitor research, research amongst customers and amongst staff, and strategic option development. Deliverables included assessments of the company's current strategy and performance, market and competitor economics, strategic assets and capabilities, competitive position and key strategic issues, and the project concluded with the facilitation of a strategy away-day with the directors.
  • Carried out a Business and Market Review for a home cinema retail business, providing assessments of the business's markets, assets and capabilities, competitive positioning, operating model effectiveness and MI/reporting, and recommendations for future company development.
  • Developed and implemented a retail customer strategy for an outsourced services provider - reviewed the market and assessed company's existing products, strategic assets and sources of competitive advantage, recommended strategic actions to directors and implemented the strategy including new product development, new distribution channel development and new marketing approaches.
  • Conducted a strategic pricing review for a business service provider's core offering, identifying and analysing cost drivers and key customer profitability and establishing new pricing governance arrangements.
  • Specified and developed new management information processes for a retail investment business to provide accurate timely data on key business drivers to inform and improve daily management and monthly board reporting.
  • Reviewed market participation strategy for an investment administration provider, identified and evaluated options, recommended the way forward and implemented conclusions.
  • Introduced new performance measurement and incentive scheme arrangements into a call centre to focus behaviours on profitability and teamwork, improving customer service levels and reducing operational losses with reduced staffing.
  • Carried out a general strategic review of an estate agency business, including the UK housing market context, and delivered reports and strategic recommendations to the holding company board.
  • Analysed a potential structured products market opportunity for a retail bank and identified the value-maximising way forward.
  • Led various procurement exercises for wealth management and retail investment businesses to establish new suppliers of online, B2B and B2C services, and negotiated resulting contracts.
  • Analysed operational activity for a B2B administration services provider to identify new retail marketing opportunities.
  • Conducted a strategic review of direct distribution (telephony and internet) opportunities for a private bank.
  • Reviewed pricing of retail products for an investment provider against key drivers to increase profitability, and implemented changes.
  • Carried out general strategic review of a private health insurance business.